27/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—First Quarter Moon in Gemini. As we contemplate our gratitudes the Magi appears to let us know we are at our psychic peak. Call on the Magi as we fall asleep or enter our meditation and enlightening guidance is on the way.

Bless—Our self perception influences our energy. When we are quick to fault ourselves, our energy darkens with our own disapproval. Treat ourselves with compassion and be encouraging in our self talk. We deserve our own loving acceptance just as we are.

Release—The Journey Guide, brings the world to us. It could be anything from a short excursion, like a weekend trip for a conference, or a longer vacation, a long hike, or a long distance assignment. Just know that when this card appears travel and new locations are in the works. Call on our Journey Guide for assistance with travel details–then relax and enjoy the trip.

Bonus Card: Fortune Cookie—Fortuitous


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