24/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—We catch a break. This card wants us to look ahead and plan our passage. The stars are there to offer direction & reassurance. From their perspectives the path is clear. We have explored the ins & outs & retraced familiar routes. We are constantly learning & becoming more skilled at navigating. Each time we find ourselves in the same channel, we become wiser, stronger, & able to take in more of our surroundings. Gaining the ability to stand in the storm.

Bless—The thermal spring is sacred to the Goddess Sulis who sustains us & restores our vitality. Rather than sinking with despair, it’s time to float on the beauty of wisdom toward the lightness of love. Visualize the sacred spring waters washing over us, cleaning away our fatigue, replenishing our Temple with the ethereal radiance of the Goddess. Relax into blissful, nourishing, rest & emerge feeling whole.

Release—Saraswati advises us to enter the Water Temple of art, language, music, & poetry to declare a commitment to our Higher learning. Align ourselves with higher streams of intelligence & insight. Practice is the path to confident self expression. Steadfast & affirmative actions will progress our mind, heart, & soul. So lay out a plan & focus on our heart aligned objectives.

Bonus Card: Stability

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