03/03/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—The giraffe is a magical beast. It is a mystical beast. It has a gentle grace for one so tall. Are we seeing a map of our own future unfolding? Are long forgotten visions manifesting in our waking state? Stand tall and walk our path in grace, knowing we are worthy.

Bless—The heron is associated with the soul in fairy tales. It is quiet, patient, and graceful. Patience has got us to this place. Hard work, baby steps, making lists, planning. It seems our game is impeccable. Our ducks are in a row.

Release—This is the card of the survivor. In trauma, we may have cut off parts to make a healthier whole. Something new springs up in their place. Like the first poppy on a battlefield, regeneration seeks to reclaim the darkest part of our psyche.

Bonus Card: Energetic Clearing


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