18/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—Inspiration-to be filled with spirit-is waiting for us to make the first move. What gets our juices flowing? Sprinkle some contemplation time into our day. What engages us fully-heart, mind, hands, & Spirit? Explore this path.

Bless—Do we recognize the person we were last year? We are on a fast trajectory. Hold to what is central in our life, & let the rest come & go. The thoughts we attribute to ourselves at this time are sticky. Cultivate our truest alignment, our truest intentions, write them down & burn them. Send them like butterflies into our future. Then hold on to our broom.

Release—Sun & Stars guide our way. Is it time to look at our astrological chart? Do we need to do some Soul nourishing fire scrying? All we need is a simple candle flame. The rhythm of flames dancing, retunes our frequency, gently letting us release the tensions of our stimulating environments. If it is night, stand under the stars & watch them twinkle until we sigh or yawn into relaxation. If it is a sunny day, sit in the warmth for a moment, recharging the pineal gland.

Bonus Card: Gita Deck—Rebirth

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