10/03/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—Take a glass of water that we intend to drink and place our hands on other side of the glass, cupping it right below the water line. Now say these words, “please forgive me water. I thank you water. I love you water. I respect you water.” Now say it again, two more times looking deeply into the water on each of the phrases; forgive me, thank you, love you, and respect you; let the emotion of the words build in our heart and imagine it moving from our heart into the water. Now it is blessed.

Bless—Are the winter doldrums getting to us? The weather teases us with the returning light. It is almost time for our emerging, yet for now we may nap in the waning winter slumber of the dreaming subconscious.

Release—Love the self, forgive the self, nurture the self. Then go out with our hearts open. We are perfectly safe. Even the strongest storm, even the zombie apocalypse can’t destroy the Soul.

Bonus Card: Lots-Chance.


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