15/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—The dragonfly whisks across the surface of the water. Dragonfly asks us to be willing to change our perspective. If we allow, good fortune is soon to follow.

Bless—When the flow card appears for us, it’s a sign that our intentions are in motion. It is time to allow nature to run its course. We are asked to be like a river, resist the urge to push against the flow or swim upstream. Trust that when the time is right, our dreams will begin to take shape, & we will be invited to the dance.

Release—Our body & spirit are of energy. In the body, we have seven primary chakras; spinning vortices of energy & light that run along our spine. Each chakra vibrates with life-force energy & corresponds to a colour & frequency. We may feel ungrounded, creatively stuck, or out of touch with our feelings. If we are struggling to speak up for ourselves, set, boundaries, trust our intuitive knowing, or seeing the bigger picture in our life; these are signs & symptoms of chakra imbalance. Any time we are in need we may send healing energy to our chakras in the form of our loving, attentive awareness.

Bonus Card: Divine Abundance Deck;
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