Here is the long version of the Oracle Reading.
The ancient prophets have come to speak with us today. Their messages, often predictive, reveal future potentials, offering us advice on how to achieve the outcomes we desire. The Ancient Seers are a powerful group that spans the length of our existences. These brilliant prophets see future events, & answer questions put to them. They have come to speak to us. We may invoke their presence in meditation, or as we fall asleep. It is only for us to ask and they will be there. Archangel Raziel has appeared. The information we seek from the deepest, most sacred mysteries of Spirit, to specifics about our future, our career, or our personal life open to us now. With Raziel’s help the Akashic Records provide all the direction that we need. Invoke Raziel‘s presence & get ready for life changing inspiration!

It is through the quieting of the mind, finding the space for peace, where nothing is troubling or worrisome, here we find our inner Temple. It is where our personal self connects with the truth and awareness of our Soul. Here there is nothing to solve, nothing to predict, nothing to think about. To attain this peaceful presence, thoughts are not required. Mindfulness calls us to let go of thinking, let go of striving, and choose to be peacefully present without judging or analyzing. Pervasive peace will bring profound happiness, and radiate an absolutely irresistible vibration.

Address—The ancient prophets have come to speak with us today.
Bless—Invoke Raziel‘s presence & get ready for life changing inspiration!
Release—let go of thinking & striving, choose to be peacefully present.




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