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Hello, I am Diane Robinson. A life-long mystic and student of the spiritual, esoteric, and occult. I am a 3rd degree eclectic Solitary Witch. I was raised in rural northern Alberta. My grandmother had the Cunning gifts of sight, and used it reading tea leaves and palms. As a child I conversed with my guardian angel, and in the first Near Death Experience, I acquired an ability to live with one foot in each world.

My grandfather had the gift for dowsing and my uncle taught me to meditate as a method to fall asleep. I would see people when they passed, a gift I share with my grandmother. A dysfunctional childhood cracked me wide open, and sent me fleeing into my dreams where my guides taught me to fly. My grandmother died on my tenth birthday, visiting me at her death and becoming one of my guides.

I spent my happy moments foraging and experimenting with natural spell work. At the age of 15, I met a gypsy troupe traveling across Canada and they taught me to scry and gave me my first magical name.

My grandmother taught me to connect to my guardian angel, my Buddy, and so I am never alone.

As a natural didactic, I studied voraciously; which brought me to haunting libraries and book stores for wisdom of antiquity. I picked up the tarot, and delved deeply into spell-craft. I was self-initiated until I trained in Wicca style Witchcraft in the Order of the Star Sapphire where I acquired my 1st and 2nd degrees. After High Priestess of Mid-Summer on Wreck Beach, I went on to provide a supportive role organizing the Gathering for Life; hosting workshops and leading rituals.

As a member of working groups, teaching ritual body art, & Women’s Mysteries, I accomplished the service components of a 2nd degree. I posed in full paint for the cover of ‘Ritual Body Art’ by Charles Arnold.

I became the accidental May Queen & took over Hecate’s Loom at the end of her reign.
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In 1998 I received my 3rd degree in the Dianic and Reclaiming traditions. Later that year I moved with my family to Vienna to continue my studies in archaeology. For three summers I participated in excavations at Bibracte an Iron Age hilltop fort in France. I tramped around Western and Central Europe visiting the old sites, standing stones, sacred wells, and rededicating them to the old gods. I followed the trails of Mary Magdalene, Joan of Ark, the Black Madonna and the ancient Celts. I walked places familiar from past lives, receiving transmissions and visions.

At the beginning of the new century I entered sobriety and my natural empathy underwent another evolution.

I contracted Epstein Barr virus and was officially diagnosed as an HSP, Highly Sensitive Person, a common trait of natural Empaths. After two years of failing health, my guides intervened urging me to return to Canada. I became a student of my cat, Nyx and living as an anchorite on the edge of a Petroglyph rock, spent my time in the astral, as my broken body healed. It presented an opportunity to work on my ancestral line, making peace with my past, and rekindling a connection with my family.

I am a student of Ram Dass and the Love Serve Remember, I Am teachings, and the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trimesgistus, a certified Moonologer of Yasmin Bolund, a certified Tarot and Oracle Reader of Hay House, and I’ve studied hypnosis with Marisa Peer, mediumship with James Van Praagh, and Energy Medicine with Donna Eden. I counsel and consult through my Channeled Oracle Readings. I provide Moonology services, which empower us to forgive, practice gratitude, and make wishes using the cycles of the Moon. I cast Moon Charts for manifesting our path and dreams for the months ahead. I conduct workshops, ritual events, and write on Connecting to Spirit, the Divine Feminine, Egregores, Magic & Spell-Craft, Manifesting, Mantra, Meditation, Oracle & Tarot Card Reading, Transmutation.

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From 2004-2017 I received powerful life altering downloads. I flew on my swan, learning of my Starseed connections, studied quantum mysticism, sacred geometry, transmutation, alchemy, adventured in the Akashic records, and started facilitating the 5D into conscious awareness.

I see it as my Great Work to serve, empower, and enrich people with the truth of their Higher Soul-Self, their Guides, & the Divine Beloved.
My magical name is Dhyane DarkStar in honour of my 10th Great Grandmother Sangonosk Dark Star. My writing is under Dhyane Robinson. Dhyane is the designation of my Higher Soul-Self. Dhyana is the 7th branch of yoga, the uninterrupted flowing state of mind, the oneness felt during deep meditation. My products are sold and promoted as
Wick’d Crone a division of Natural Spas Canada

I live in Nanaimo with my companion, and an insane Bombay feline familiar. I enjoy writing short stories and spending time outdoors. I am obsessed with water, and channeling the Born of Water Oracle.
As part of my spiritual practice:
Awak'n Me Malas
Wick’d Crone Candles & Spell-Crafts
Email Readings~~$15/Card
Personalized Spell-Work~~contact for rates

How can I help?

Connect with me:
Twitter @DhyaneRobinson, @WickdCrone
Facebook diane.robinson.1213

Path of Manifestation & Growth:
  • Forgive ~~Self & Others {“I’m sorry. Please forgive me, I forgive you.”}
  • Surrender~~Release & Transmute, let it settle & fall away{use the elements to let go~~burn a wish list, stand in the wind, the rain, or on a mountaintop}
  • Give Thanks~~Practice Gratitude {for our present gifts}
  • Invite Grace~~Wish in the past tense—“Thank you for_________”{our wish}

Send everything with love & juicy hearts & watch what manifests

What I damn, damns me back.
What follows I am, follows me.
For the good of all, or not at all.
Behold, I make all things new.
May this work serve to awaken all beings.

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