23/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—The water spirits are calling to us, they know of our connection to natural water sources such as lakes, rivers, oceans, or ponds. They want us to heed our urge to visit the water. Water relaxes our mind & body, & allows us to feel at peace again. This comes also as a reminder for us to keep ourselves hydrated so that we can flush out toxins & ground our energy. Being hydrated helps us concentrate, so have a glass of water when we are studying or learning something new.

Bless—Our health & well-being, depends on the health & well-being of the environment. The ancestors ask us to take a look around at everything that nature provides for us. Our home, our clothing, our food, all are gifts from Mother Earth. We are asked to see the ways we can give back by limiting our waste, & sharing resources with those who are close to us. Look at ways we can reduce our demands on ourselves & our environment.

Release—The Path of the Shaman calls to us. Wherever we come from the Shamanic Way is open to us. Shamans come from many cultures & all of us have shamans, healers, & seers in our lineage if we go back far enough. Continue to reach out to the ancestors, animal & nature guides & the link will be restored. Utilize our new practice to heal ourselves & in turn we heal our lineage. Every being that walks the path of substantive reality benefits from our self-discovery.

Bonus Card: Archangel Jophiel

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