16/03/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—Spirit is sending us messages, are we paying attention? We will be sent the message three times, so watch the air and survey the land for synchronicities.

Bless—Harmony is maintained when we practice gratitude. Gratitude, is a mighty tool for attracting our desires. Send our gratitude to our ancestors for the gift of our life. Send gratitude to ourselves and to our children that the blessings of our lives may pass down to them.

Release—Take a look at our habits. Are we doing everything we need to keep the body healthy? Reconnecting to the Earth is easier when we eat clean food, and drink pure water. Go outside and place our feet on the surface of her body, watch the sunrise over her eastern ridges, dip our toes in her waters. Invite healing and wonder back into our lives.

Bonus Card: Dictionary—Communication


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