18/03/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—These are not the new beginnings of spring we see around us. These are the wishes we planted last year, a perennial from late summer. Now it emerges from its winter hibernation.

Bless—If we decide to let the dust settle, the truth of our place in this issue will be illuminated. Contemplation on the gifts we might find on this path will be the determining factors for taking what’s offered.

Release—The frog represents our health in many indigenous cultures. The three stages of frog’s development symbolize renewal, resurrection, and transformation. If we were less than successful in the past, it need not colour our future. We can start out fresh and new. However, if we continue to do what we’ve always done, results will be the same. Frog asks us to release any notions of how our life should unfold. It is time to be adaptable. Our willingness to change, influences our abundance and good fortune.

Bonus Card: Sacrifice


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