26/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—It doesn’t get any better than this: a quiet mind, a heart fulfilled, freedom from want, and Soul satisfaction. The way to peace is through radical acceptance.

Bless—Have things looked a little bit too good to be true? Now is the time to look beyond the superficial. Resist the desire to don a mask or dress something up in disguise. The truth is that people seek to acquire things because of what they will do for them, and how they symbolically will elevate them, and make them more attractive. This card asks us to see beyond the adornments and probe underneath the surface. Learn to recognize the masks other people wear and the motives underlying them. Imagine that all the glitter is gone. Would we still desire the object or person?

Release—We’ve all heard of second chances. We just never thought one would come for us. Whatever we may have perceived as a failure or loss is now being replaced by something better and more powerful growing in its place. Rebirth is assured. Step into our new life, our destiny is being fulfilled in wondrous ways.

Bonus Card: Courage

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