05/03/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—Is it time to get back to the drawing board? Those projects may need a little help from our guides. Take a pause to bring some order to the flow of thoughts and ideas swirling around us like alphabet soup.

Bless—The winter harvest begins. We gather our seeds in preparation of the coming warmth. The breakdown of last years growth is almost complete. And in its place the first flowers of spring push through the snow. As one season dies another prepares to be birthed. What seeds will we choose from this harvest?

Release—This is the card of the bittersweet. Are we so happy, it broke us open? Are we so sad to feel the child pull away in becoming whole? Birthing, bonding, and grieving are three of the many vehicles where we experience overwhelming and complicated emotions. It is happening for us, it is the greatest of graces.

Bonus Card: the Source of All


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