16/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—We know this part of the path well. Many times it has appeared in the past & we reacted. Today, we see the structure & mechanism at play & laugh it off. Like the clever fox we smell the trap & turn away surprisingly lighthearted.

Bless—We may bless this as a chance to change our karma by changing our reaction. If we take the road of surrender, we gain our freedom. Feel our way through with our keen sense of the situation. Compassion is the correct stance. Send love to all & cut the reins of expectations.

Release—Dolphins & humans have an affinity. They live in this dimension & in the higher dimensions simultaneously. Unlike the majority of humans they easily play between the realities. Can we see the edges of a grander design at work & let it run its course?

Bonus Card: Footprints—Direction

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