21/03/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—Mindfulness. Is it time to deepen our meditation practice? We may come to meditation with childlike openness and wonder. Meditation and contemplation will refine our peaceful purpose, offering clarity in the space between our thoughts. Breath through the gateway into a tranquil heart space and sink into a calm, blissful, clear, mindful, self-awareness.

Bless— Mother Ganges appears, fertile and overflowing. She is here to liberate us from our doubts and falsehoods. She can set our Soul free of repetitive patterns. Don’t just tread water – work with the current, and discover her hidden treasures.

Release— The Blue Tara is a powerful protector and the slayer of obstacles. She liberates us from our sabotaging patterns and heals our past and present. Our plea for strength is answered. Invoke the Blue Lotus of clear communication to help us express our emotions in a supportive way. Continue on our journey with courage, set our spirit free. The Blue Lotus emerges from the muddy waters delivering us a symbol of light, hope, and resilience. Rise with confidence into her vision, she’s created a life of love, compassion, and freedom for us.

Bonus Card: Worth— We have been worthy to belong to love all along. Without any need to improve. In fact, we are love itself.


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