19/03/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—Soak up all the luscious love. Aphrodite invites us to bathe in her spring-water, and soak up the essences of love, spiritual, purification, and invigorating energy. She has come to enliven our spirit and activate our intuition. She awakens our inner goddess. Integrating self love rituals into our daily routine helps us to become like water, fluid and nurturing.

Bless— The Goddess of the river Ganges, dances into our life. She wants us to know that it’s OK to put down our weary woes for a while and dance and sing and enjoy the beauty of the Earth. Laughing, dancing, singing, and loving, purifies the soul.

Release—This card comes at the perfect time. We are in the phase of the dark moon. Now we can dig out all that crud left over from our full moon forgiveness. We are asked to retreat to a tranquil sanctuary, light a candle, breathe and reflect on happy memories and blessings. If it is time, release the tears, cleanse and purify our heartache. Allow the waves of emotion to move through us. Observe, connect with, and liberate our feelings in our own way. Pass through past pain, knowing that we are not our wounds. A new found feeling of freedom will restore our hope with the budding of new life.

Bonus Card: Season of the Haunted Heart


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